Spring Midwest storms are rekindling my middle school passion for meteorology. (at Paulina Brown Line)



Ah, tea. Tea! Truth be told, the existence of so many brands and varieties of bottled tea was one of the main driving forces behind the creation of FBBR. As my tastes evolve, Joe Tea has come to be one of my favorite tea brands around today. Based in Upper Montclair, NJ, Joe Tea makes tasty…

Almost every time I see my brother, not an hour goes by before he describes a juice, tea, or soda that he recently tried and loved. He’s a fairly levelheaded guy, but it’s incredible how much passion he has for these drinks. 

Well, you can now share in his passion for tasty lunchtime drinks. He recently started a tumblr he was born to write, the Flavored Bottled Beverage Review.


I somehow caught Leo on video pulling himself up for the first time. Pulls up, grabs a coaster, sits down to eat coaster.

Leo is a determined little man.